Thursday's HOT MIC

Here is today's HOT MIC.

Well, that explains it:

More from The Wall Street Journal:

When National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell is under attack, as he so often is these days, @forargument is there to fight back.

Wait, who?

The Twitter account, under the name “Jones smith,” has no followers, no profile picture and has been virtually dormant for long periods since its creation in 2014.

But @forargument has roared to life in the past few months, rising up to vigorously defend Mr. Goodell against perceived attacks on his handling of issues such as the national anthem protests by players.

The most frequent sparring partner for @forargument is the nation’s sports media. On Sept. 26, @ProFootballTalk, the Twitter account for the popular NBC Sports blog, tweeted that it was “on the commissioner” to solve the anthem issues.

In response, @forargument tweeted: “Please do better reporting. He is already doing this. You are behind.”

Who is this valiant defender of a man who has so few defenders?

It is Roger Goodell’s wife, Jane Skinner Goodell, The Wall Street Journal confirmed after an examination of the account.

Ah, true love.

Goodell is a lucky, lucky man. The only people in America who like him are the woman he has to live with and the team owners upon whom his job is dependent.

That's 33 people in all of America. Not a great percentage, but not bad if you just ignore everyone else.

America, ladies and gentlemen:

This is hilarious. And weird.

Hard-left crank Ed Asner, of Mary Tyler Moore Show fame, asked anchor Chris Janning for a kis  not once, but twice during his appearance on MSNBC Tuesday. He was there to plug his new book — The Grouchy Historian -- but Janning also wanted to talk about Harvey Weinstein and workplace sexism.

Like a good leftist, Asner blamed President Trump for the Weinstein scandal.

“Ed Asner, wow -- it's great to have you here,” Jansing said. “Thank you so much for coming in.”

“Thank you,” the actor said. “And not even a kiss?”

“No, nothing,” the MSNBC anchor replied.

“Oh my God…” said Asner.

He tried his luck again at the end of the interview.

Really, Twitter?

"Twitter Safety" explained why Rose McGowan's Twitter account was temporarily locked earlier today:

She's now on a rampage against Jeff Bezos. Thread begins here:

Not exactly a fan of this woman, but Twitter should stand back and let her do her thing. McGowan's fighting a good fight, this time.


This is the crux of a conversation I repeatedly have with liberal showbiz friends, most of whom are in meltdown mode every day. They will-very sincerely I might add-ask me why I'm not panicking. My answer: I don't believe most of what is reported in the "news."

If, like my liberal friends, one takes most reporting about this administration at face value, the ongoing panic is understandable. It isn't reality-based, but it's understandable. I monitor numerous MSM feeds on Twitter every day. The phrase "World War 3" pops up every day. It's all shrill wailing about the apocalypse being nigh BECAUSE TRUMP RUSSIA NUKES NOKO and stuff. It's a wonder the poor dears aren't all getting treated for ulcers.

Kelly was being generous in using the word "misreported." Most of it falls under the "outright lies" category. It's deliberate, and it is designed to keep the fears of the headlines-only reading public at a fever pitch. When contrasted with the daily love letters the MSM penned to Obama for eight years it all seems even more frightening.

The American news media in the Trump era is an untrustworthy joke that is never funny.

Sort of like Jimmy Kimmel these days.

Here is the letter posted by West Point superintendent Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen regarding the two ongoing investigations into 2nd Lieutenant Spenser Rapone:

West Point superintendent Lt. Gen. Robert Caslen has responded to the outrage surrounding former "Commie Cadet" Spenser Rapone in a letter addressed to the men and women of the U.S. Military Academy.

“I ask that you help me prevent the negativity associated with the alleged behavior of one graduate from causing us to lose sight of the thousands of graduates who sacrifice and serve honorably every day,” he wrote.

The superintendent’s letter came Wednesday, soon after Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Robert Heffington's scathing open letter went public.

Heffington is the former West Point professor who warned of Rapone's abhorrent behavior and radical ideology in a sworn statement in the fall of 2015. West Point went ahead and graduated the avowed communist in spite of Heffington's concerns. In his open letter, he accused West Point of loose standards and a lack of discipline.

Heffington wrote that during his time on the West Point faculty (2006-2009 and again from 2013-2017), he had "personally witnessed a series of fundamental changes at West Point that have eroded it to the point where I question whether the institution should even remain open."

In his letter, Caslen wrote, “I do not take these allegations lightly and will provide you a response with facts addressing his allegations and then you can judge for yourself whether our graduates are serving our Nation with character imbued with values of Duty, Honor and Country, or not.”

The entire nation of Haiti could not be reached for comment.

Harvey Weinstein’s estranged wife, Georgina Chapman, has reached out to "fellow scorned spouse" Huma Abedin according to Page Six.

Chapman and Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s top aide, have known each other for some time because of Weinstein’s numerous fundraising events for the former presidential hopeful. Plus, the Clintons rented a Hamptons house next door to Weinstein and Chapman’s Amagansett estate for three summers.

What's that? Weinstein and Bubba were next door neighbors for three summers?

Nothing to see there, I'm sure!

Now that it's safe, accusers are coming out of the woodwork.

The number has risen to 29 since Vanity Fair tweeted this five hours ago.