Thursday's HOT MIC

Thursday's HOT MIC


This is the crux of a conversation I repeatedly have with liberal showbiz friends, most of whom are in meltdown mode every day. They will-very sincerely I might add-ask me why I'm not panicking. My answer: I don't believe most of what is reported in the "news."

If, like my liberal friends, one takes most reporting about this administration at face value, the ongoing panic is understandable. It isn't reality-based, but it's understandable. I monitor numerous MSM feeds on Twitter every day. The phrase "World War 3" pops up every day. It's all shrill wailing about the apocalypse being nigh BECAUSE TRUMP RUSSIA NUKES NOKO and stuff. It's a wonder the poor dears aren't all getting treated for ulcers.

Kelly was being generous in using the word "misreported." Most of it falls under the "outright lies" category. It's deliberate, and it is designed to keep the fears of the headlines-only reading public at a fever pitch. When contrasted with the daily love letters the MSM penned to Obama for eight years it all seems even more frightening.

The American news media in the Trump era is an untrustworthy joke that is never funny.

Sort of like Jimmy Kimmel these days.