Thursday's HOT MIC

Thursday's HOT MIC

She would have turned it into Stormfront:

Meanwhile, the 4Chan kids are liking what they see:

"Is Valerie Plame our girl?"

"ex-CIA anti-Bush blond hottie calls out the Jewish mafia."

Valerie Plame actually shared the stage with the founder of 4chan Christopher "Moot" Poole at a TED conference in 2010:

Plame and Poole will both appear in a session dubbed “Provocation.” Poole will discuss 4chan, the online forum he created that serves as a haunt for would-be hackers and members of Anonymous — a motley, loose-knit crew of online rabble-rousers who have launched crusades against the Church of Scientology, the Australian government and others, while often missing their mark.

Just an interesting aside.