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In case you don't subscribe to Rush 24/7, here's a link to the text of El Rushbo's monologue today on Trump "caving" on The Wall. His take is basically what I've been thinking all day.

As often as the media and the Dems lie, why would we trust them to give us an accurate accounting of what is going on behind closed doors? They have been playing games like this since the inauguration.

Anyway, so I wake up today, and all hell is breaking loose — and, you know, I wade through it. I do not knee-jerk react to anything, particularly when the Drive-By Media is involved. When the Drive-By Media and the Democrat Party are involved in setting a narrative every day, writing the script for the soap opera, I’m sorry, folks: I am immediately suspicious. I am not fatalistic. I am not pessimistic by nature except in a few things, and I’m not gonna tell you what those are. But certainly not this.

So I hustled and got out of the hotel, and I raced in here to start trying to make sense of things. So when I got up, the news was that Trump had caved on the wall, that Trump at dinner with Chuck and Nancy last night had caved on the wall. And then I saw that a lot of people, Trump voters, Trump supporters, believed it! They were saying, “That didn’t take long. It’s not even October, and Trump has already sold us out.” I understand people have been sold out so many times voting for Republicans that they are conditioned to be sold out.

So they just figured this Trump thing may be too good to be true. Chuck and Nancy, first they make a deal on the debt ceiling and spending, and Trump’s praising them and praising it. Mitch and Paul are over there fuming that they’ve been sold out and then thrown under the bus. And now this thing comes along, and everybody’s just fatalistic about it and thinking that it’s over. But I stop and I ask myself: Would Trump really do this?

Read the whole thing. I'm not saying we shouldn't be concerned. There are a 1000 reasons to be concerned about this president. But I think it's too early to have a spaz attack on this.

Before everybody panics and jumps off the train (I'm looking at you, Ann Coulter), you should probably take the time to figure out if the media and the Democrats are working together to rile you up like usual. Just sayin'. I was pretty freaked out this morning until I heard the Godfather of Radio's first hour. It's worth listening to before you slit your wrists in a fit of DACA disappointment. Remember, El Rushbo will tell you when it's time to panic. We're not there yet.

Digesting What Really Happened Last Night

If you don't have Rush 24/7, Breitbart has an embedded audio link. 

Ann Coulter blasts Trump, while keeping "In Trump We Trust" on her website.

So, Ann Coulter is not exactly happy about the whole Trump-nesty deal.

In fact, she's saying she prefers President Mike Pence now.

Which is rather odd, given that her website still features "In Trump We Trust" at the top.

Website screenshot of Ann Coulter's site, featuring "In Trump We Trust."

Silly Ann Coulter. Trust is for God.

Quote of the day, from Kat Timpf:

I mean, without the government stepping in and banning people from serving coffee in bikinis, what are the people who don’t want to have coffee served to them by people in bikinis supposed to do? Wait, I’ve got it! Not f***ing go there, then! Make your own damn coffee, or go to one of the approximately 9 million other places where people serve coffee with tons of clothes on, sometimes even aprons and hats! This way, the people who want coffee from half-naked baristas can go to the places that do that, and the people who don’t can go to the places that don’t do that! Wow, it’s almost as if the government did not need to pass business-crushing regulations to solve what the free market is already solving on its own. (How strange!)

But read the whole thing.

Mike Morell resigned from the Kennedy School of Government over the hiring of Manning as a Visiting Fellow:

Bad news continues to trickle out of the Florida Keys. Officials are now saying that a whopping 90 percent of homes in the Keys suffered some amount of damage from Hurricane Irma. Monroe County Sheriff Rick Ramsay said that "it looks like a nuclear bomb went off."

Three people so far have been found dead, but they expect that number to grow.

President Trump in Ft. Myers thanked the first responders who saved many lives in Florida:

Trump was asked about the wall this morning.

"We're right now renovating large sections of wall -- massive sections -- making it brand new," he said. "We're building for different samples of the wall to see which one we're going to choose -- and the wall is going to be built. It's going to be funded a little bit later."


President Trump has landed in Ft. Myers, Fl.

Here is livestream coverage of his tour of the hurricane damage.