Thursday's HOT MIC

Thursday's HOT MIC

Here's a question one doesn't get asked every day:

More from the BBC:

Dubai is racing to be the first to put drone taxis in the air.

In June, its Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) signed an agreement with a German start-up Volocopter to test pilotless air taxis towards the end of this year.

The firm has received 25m euros (£22m; $30m) from investors, including German motor manufacturer Daimler, to develop the 18-rotor craft capable of transporting two passengers at a time.

The promotional video claims a top speed of 100km/h (60mph) and a maximum flight time of around 30 minutes, while nine independent battery systems ensure safety.

"You will never require" the onboard emergency parachute, Volocopter assures us.

I'm not really sure I would want a ride in a piloted sky taxi either. I have trust issues with Uber and Lyft drivers, so a sky cabbie might be difficult for me to warm up to.