Thursday's HOT MIC

Thursday's HOT MIC

What's the best way to fight white supremacism? Bash their head in? Emotionally satisfying but useless. You only make martyrs of them and get some people to actually feel sorry for them.

The best way to combat white supremacists, Nazis, skin heads, and other haters is to laugh at them -- and get others to laugh with you.

One of the Nazis arrested in connection with the violence in Charlottesville, Christopher Cantwell, is very, very, very unhappy that he's in jail. Known as "The Crying Nazi" for a blubbering video he posted on YouTube, Cantwell made an absolute ass of himself during an interview with The Daily Beast.


The sobbing “Sieg Heil” enthusiast gave an interview to the Daily Beast in which he manages to sound both self-pitying and ... no, sorry, that's it:

"They pushed hundreds of armed white nationalists into a crowd of communist rioters who threw rocks and piss and shit and bleach and pepper spray and hit us with clubs and did everything they could to provoke us into shooting them." [...]

Photos and video from the event show a crowd of several hundred white supremacists, Cantwell among them, surrounding a small group of around two dozen protesters at a statue on the UVA campus, but sure, keep going with the self-defense argument:

Cantwell claims he was hit with bear spray or something similar Friday, and again on Saturday. Vice News captured Cantwell appearing to be hit with an irritant on Saturday and drenching his face in milk as a comrade says, “Heil Cantwell!”

“I got assaulted twice in as many days,” says Cantwell, “and now I'm facing 20 years in prison, which I think is pretty f**ked up.”

Fifteen years, actually, but who's counting. Anyway:

Cantwell declines to tone down his rhetoric, claiming that Gorcenski isn't qualified to testify in court because she's a “f**king t****y” and blames “kikes” for for orchestrating the counter-protesters.

“All of these people [statue removers] are taking their talking points from Jews,” he said.

He's a whiny rat bastard, eh?

You would think that a stint in lockup would have sobered him up a little, maybe forced him to confront his rancid ideology. Instead, he plays the victim. Of course, his victimhood is predicated on a loony conspiracy theory, but it shows he has learned the lessons of modern America well.

The louder you bleat, the more attention you get.