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Here's a question one doesn't get asked every day:

More from the BBC:

Dubai is racing to be the first to put drone taxis in the air.

In June, its Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) signed an agreement with a German start-up Volocopter to test pilotless air taxis towards the end of this year.

The firm has received 25m euros (£22m; $30m) from investors, including German motor manufacturer Daimler, to develop the 18-rotor craft capable of transporting two passengers at a time.

The promotional video claims a top speed of 100km/h (60mph) and a maximum flight time of around 30 minutes, while nine independent battery systems ensure safety.

"You will never require" the onboard emergency parachute, Volocopter assures us.

I'm not really sure I would want a ride in a piloted sky taxi either. I have trust issues with Uber and Lyft drivers, so a sky cabbie might be difficult for me to warm up to.


Clarke has become so popular in political circles that there is probably a lot more money for him to make speaking than in law enforcement. The NBC News post about the resignation says that he has something else lined up and will announce what it is soon.

What's the best way to fight white supremacism? Bash their head in? Emotionally satisfying but useless. You only make martyrs of them and get some people to actually feel sorry for them.

The best way to combat white supremacists, Nazis, skin heads, and other haters is to laugh at them -- and get others to laugh with you.

One of the Nazis arrested in connection with the violence in Charlottesville, Christopher Cantwell, is very, very, very unhappy that he's in jail. Known as "The Crying Nazi" for a blubbering video he posted on YouTube, Cantwell made an absolute ass of himself during an interview with The Daily Beast.


The sobbing “Sieg Heil” enthusiast gave an interview to the Daily Beast in which he manages to sound both self-pitying and ... no, sorry, that's it:

"They pushed hundreds of armed white nationalists into a crowd of communist rioters who threw rocks and piss and shit and bleach and pepper spray and hit us with clubs and did everything they could to provoke us into shooting them." [...]

Photos and video from the event show a crowd of several hundred white supremacists, Cantwell among them, surrounding a small group of around two dozen protesters at a statue on the UVA campus, but sure, keep going with the self-defense argument:

Cantwell claims he was hit with bear spray or something similar Friday, and again on Saturday. Vice News captured Cantwell appearing to be hit with an irritant on Saturday and drenching his face in milk as a comrade says, “Heil Cantwell!”

“I got assaulted twice in as many days,” says Cantwell, “and now I'm facing 20 years in prison, which I think is pretty f**ked up.”

Fifteen years, actually, but who's counting. Anyway:

Cantwell declines to tone down his rhetoric, claiming that Gorcenski isn't qualified to testify in court because she's a “f**king t****y” and blames “kikes” for for orchestrating the counter-protesters.

“All of these people [statue removers] are taking their talking points from Jews,” he said.

He's a whiny rat bastard, eh?

You would think that a stint in lockup would have sobered him up a little, maybe forced him to confront his rancid ideology. Instead, he plays the victim. Of course, his victimhood is predicated on a loony conspiracy theory, but it shows he has learned the lessons of modern America well.

The louder you bleat, the more attention you get.



Seems like the ladies of Texas don't have a problem with FLOTUS's shoes! There should really be some kind of advanced degree offered for ladies who can conquer these tricky toe pinchers.

Vice President Mike Pence is in Texas today touring the flood damage and relief efforts.

Here are his remarks in Rockport.

Governor Abbott has declared this coming Sunday "a Day of Prayer in Texas."

Love this #HoustonStrong couple refusing to despair, via Ace of Spades HQ:

This puts me in mind of the final verse of "Oh God Beyond All Praising" -- which never fails to choke me up:

...and whether our tomorrows

be filled with good or ill,

we'll triumph through our sorrows

and rise to bless you still:

to marvel at your beauty

and glory in your ways,

and make a joyful duty

our sacrifice of praise.

When my family was on vacation earlier this month, there was a lot of rain and flooding in our area. When we returned home after nine days, our house had an awful, moldy smell when we walked through the door. The roof had been leaking terribly and the ceiling in our loft was coming down. The carpet upstairs was soaked and water had also dripped into my office below, soaking the carpet and destroying parts of that ceiling, too.

We now need a new roof, new ceilings and a new carpet for the upstairs loft.

I have to admit I was feeling a little sorry for myself until the epic devastation of Harvey in the great state of Texas put our minor problems in perspective.


Another suspicious death in DC?

There's been no national news coverage of this story as of yet.

Nice work, fellas.

Update on that Republican congressman from *Texas Virginia I mentioned yesterday who seemed to be celebrating Antifa on Twitter:

Alrighty then.

But I have to say -- it's kinda strange that a politician would be goofing on Antifa in the middle of an epic disaster like Harvey.

Politicians should probably not try to dabble in satirical humor and exaggeration on the interwebs.

*Correction: Rep. Garrett is from Virginia -- not Texas.


Should Tillerson Resign?

It's a fair question.

Tillerson has been presiding over the wrecking of the State Department ever since he was confirmed, and he has very little else to show for his tenure. It’s safe to say that the demoralization and hollowing out of the department will just keep getting worse the longer he is in charge. The trouble is that replacing Tillerson probably won’t change any of that, because the gutting of the State Department has been and continues to be an administration priority. The person Trump chooses to replace Tillerson is likely to have the same disdain for diplomacy and diplomats that he has.

I think the author says that like it's a bad thing. But out here in the sticks, we've seen enough self-dealing and fecklessness at State to understand that you could gut the entire department and nobody outside Georgetown would ever notice.

Which lead us to the chaser...