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Trump has apparently abandoned any and all efforts to unite America and, instead, has made a conscious decision to foment divisions as a way to maintain the support of his base.

Including white supremacists and Nazis.

Calling statues of Confederate personalities "beautiful" does absolutely nothing to assuage the real fears of black people and sends a message to the racists that he agrees with them.

Trumpians just don't get it. The sight of several hundred people marching and shouting "Blood and soil" terrifies black people and disgusts most of the rest of us. Trump did not have to make that kind of comment about the removal of the statues. We can advocate that the statues stay because they are part of history, not because the sight of racist southerners is "beautiful."

Trump's actions since Saturday would be inexplicable unless you put them in the context of a move to shore up his white base. That this includes Nazis and racists is apparently OK with our president, who may condemn their violent actions but constantly makes statements that buttress their arguments.

Who had "tweet a debunked urban legend suggesting war crimes against Islamists" in the office Trump tweet pool?

The Hill notes that the tweet is an abbreviated version of a tale Trump told on the campaign trail in 2016:

During the 2016 presidential race, Trump frequently told a tale of how Pershing had Muslim prisoners in the Philippines executed with bullets coated in pig’s blood to discourage rebellion against American rule.

Similar rumors have been floating around the internet for years, but the website PolitiFact gave Trump’s claim “pants on fire” — the rating it gives the “most ridiculous falsehoods.”

Corey Lewandowski, Trump's former campaign manager, said his team knew the story was a myth even when Trump told it in 2016 but decided to tell it at rallies anyway.

“It’s not about that,” he told The Washington Post in June 2016 following his ouster. “Look, it’s an analogy.”

There's no excuse for this, particularly coming just hours after one of our allies suffered a horrific terrorist attack. Trump seems to be cracking under the pressure of the responsibilities of his office. He should use the remainder of his vacation to rest and regroup — and go on a Twitter fast. Let the adults in the administration handle speaking to the media until he can get his crap together.

The mainstream media continues to casually push extreme left agenda favorites. Earlier in the week, CBS News shared this on Twitter:

They're treating abortion as some sort of medical miracle. It's a horrific story that's essentially being celebrated by them.

In an effort to prove that the MSM doesn't respect life at either end of the spectrum, The Washington Post offered this today:

The article reads like a pro-euthanasia activist memo.

This is how most of the bias is carried out in the media. Progressive ideals are presented as normal, over and over again until malleable minds are convinced that's the way things should be. It's insidious, and it can't be allowed to go unchallenged.

A timely reminder of how one of the foremost hate groups in America inspired a domestic terrorist to attack a conservative group:

Dare the MSM name the hateful ideology behind this terrorism?

... Or will they simply refer to it as "violent extremism?"

... Or will they invoke "the Scalise Rule," as Ace calls it?

In which case, we won't be hearing much more about it at all.

That way we can get back to talking about Trump's Nazi friends on the white supremacist alt-right.

Photos from Barcelona.

An anonymous photographer sent these photos to PJ Media after the attack.

Helicopter flies over Barcelona, anonymous photo sent to PJ Media.

Police arrive on scene in Barcelona, anonymous photo sent to PJ Media

Police have shut down traffic on the streets of Barcelona following a terror attack, anonymous photo provided to PJ Media.

Police arrive on scene in Barcelona, anonymous photo sent to PJ Media

SMDH at Bernie:


Nice piece in The Guardian about the evolution of the terrorists' tactics.

Tactics spread among militants when they are seen to work. There is no skill needed to drive a vehicle into a crowd, nor any difficulty involved in obtaining one. This makes a car, van or lorry an ideal weapon for today’s terrorists, who are often inspired by a group but are not actually part of it, and for the most part, lack the training and means necessary for more complex attacks.

The second lesson is that there is now little discrimination in targeting. This means tourists are very much in the line of fire. A decade or so ago, Islamic militant groups sought to send specific messages through their violence. Random attacks against unarmed civilians were seen as ineffective, and even counter-productive in terms of garnering public support in the Muslim world. The 9/11 attack was launched against targets seen by al-Qaida as symbols of US economic, political and military power.

In 2004, Spain was the target of the bloodiest jihadi attack on European soil when commuter trains were bombed by al-Qaida sympathisers in Madrid. One aim was to undermine Spanish support for military intervention in Iraq, and influence an election. Spain was also a particular target because of the historic resonance for militants of the Islamic kingdom of Andalusia, lost to Christendom 900 years ago.

This has changed. Isis has led a broader shift towards attacking anyone, anywhere, anyhow. Public spaces, always inherently vulnerable, are now more at risk than ever. Music fans in Manchester, summer revellers in Nice, pub-goers in London, and of course tourists, whether taking pictures on Westminster Bridge, on a beach in Tunisia, or on an airplane returning to Russia from Egypt.

We are actually becoming victims of our own success. Because we've been able to seriously degrade the capabilities of ISIS and AQ to carry out these carefully planned, mass casualty attacks like Paris, Madrid and 9/11, the terror war has necessarily devolved to feature true believers with little or no support going on individual rampages with knives or vehicles.

Getting dead is getting dead whether you die in an airplane used as a weapon by a trained professional terrorist or if you're run over by an amateur. And there's little that can be done to guard against the latter.

Rather than taking statues down, why not put more up?

Some have suggested Frederick Douglass, an educated former slave who actually spoke at my alma mater, Hillsdale College.

Here's another statue of Douglass.

Let's keep the statues of Robert E. Lee, but throw up some more of men like Frederick Douglass. There's more than enough room for both of them.

Actually, Liz, Blitzer himself is the copycat.  He's copying a man with a lobotomy.