Thursday's HOT MIC

Thursday's HOT MIC

An adult Spelling Bee with booze? The Jolly Scholar Brewing Company in Cleveland says H-E-C-K -Y-E-A-H:

10pm to 12am: Opening ceremonies begin from 10pm to midnight (where we will have our cocktail hour...all drinks $1 off for the two hours).

Midnight to 1am: The Spelling Bee

You will be asked to spell names of candy bars, fancy brewery names, friends names that you are friends with on facebook, athletes names, foods that start with the letter Q, etc.

Everybody that participates will win a prize and the winner of the event will be showered with champagne and be whisked away on a whirlwind of an adventure (until we close at 2am).

I have it on good authority that Vodkapundit is a superb speller...