Thursday's HOT MIC

Thursday's HOT MIC


This city’s “sanctuary” status lasted for exactly… nine days.

Jazz Shaw has a theory why Lansing, Michigan chickened out so quickly:

What did get their attention was the more than six million dollars in federal money which the city receives each year. On top of that, Bishop reminded them that there is currently a bill being considered in the state legislature which would shut off state level funds to sanctuary cities as well. That’s a pretty big hole to blow in the budget of a city which is already having trouble paying its bills.

And at the same time, the City Council members might have noticed the unexpectedly large number of people who showed up at the next meeting wearing their Make America Great Again hats and looking rather displeased. Thinking back to November, the area around Lansing actually overperformed for Trump, not to mention the Republicans running for Congress. Sure, the city center has plenty of Democrats, but are you really all that secure in your political futures that you want to pull this move?

It's always about money and votes with these people.