Thursday's HOT MIC

Thursday's HOT MIC

Ready the water cannons!

As President Trump arrived in Hamburg, Germany for the G-20 summit, protests got so violent that police had to use water cannons to maintain some semblance of order. Here's The Washington Times' Dave Boyer with more.

Chaotic images on TV of riot police clashing with protesters were definitely not what host German Chancellor Angela Merkel had in mind as the G-20 summit got underway Thursday.

Police fired water cannon and tear gas at anti-capitalist demonstrators in the streets of Hamburg as protesters failed to remove face coverings or to disperse near the site of the summit, an annual gathering of the leaders of world’s 20 most developed economies.

The clashes erupted shortly after President Trump met with Mrs. Merkel on Thursday evening, local time. Anti-globalization demonstrators, who organized under the banner of “Welcome to Hell,” threw bottles and other objects at police, Hamburg police said. There was no indication that Mr. Trump was in any danger.

Police said demonstrators also marched through a police barricade against orders from law enforcement officials.

Watch the video here.