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Ready the water cannons!

As President Trump arrived in Hamburg, Germany for the G-20 summit, protests got so violent that police had to use water cannons to maintain some semblance of order. Here's The Washington Times' Dave Boyer with more.

Chaotic images on TV of riot police clashing with protesters were definitely not what host German Chancellor Angela Merkel had in mind as the G-20 summit got underway Thursday.

Police fired water cannon and tear gas at anti-capitalist demonstrators in the streets of Hamburg as protesters failed to remove face coverings or to disperse near the site of the summit, an annual gathering of the leaders of world’s 20 most developed economies.

The clashes erupted shortly after President Trump met with Mrs. Merkel on Thursday evening, local time. Anti-globalization demonstrators, who organized under the banner of “Welcome to Hell,” threw bottles and other objects at police, Hamburg police said. There was no indication that Mr. Trump was in any danger.

Police said demonstrators also marched through a police barricade against orders from law enforcement officials.

Watch the video here.

Maine's Paul LePage was Trump before Trump was, at least politically. Contemptuous of the media, LePage admits to thinking of ways just to mess with them:

Maine’s governor is lashing out at media reports he planned to leave the state during a budget impasse, and he suggested he makes up stories to mislead reporters.

Republican Gov. Paul LePage criticized the news media for reporting that he planned to leave the state while state government is shut down.

The news stories were based on LePage’s comments to two Republican senators. His office described the reports as “fake news.”

LePage told WGAN-AM on Thursday: “I just love to sit in my office and make up ways so they’ll write these stupid stories because they are just so stupid, it’s awful.”

He also characterized the Maine media as “vile,” ″inaccurate” and “useless.” He says “the sooner the print press goes away, the better society will be.”

What Trump has going on with CNN is practically an epic love affair compared to this.

You keep doing you, Governor LePage.

Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome: Hollywood is blaming it's crappy comedies on Trump rather than on the whole crappy thing.

HotAir has the tale of woe:

What’s really behind the decline at the box office in 2017? Is it “franchise fatigue,” as the Hollywood Reporter predicted in May? Studios projected the year to end up near 2014’s nadir even before a bad stretch for some of Hollywood’s most anticipated releases followed. Christian Toto discovered that some media outlets think it might be more attributable to … Donald Trump. After The House, a highly promoted Will Ferrell-Amy Poehler vehicle, tanked on its debut, Variety started looking for answers:

The answers it found we're really, really stupid.

But why aren’t critics and audiences pleased? Another point that’s been raised is that many of the scripts produced and released this summer were sold in a pre-Trump era. The definition of what makes a good comedy has changed quickly and dramatically in the past year. “Saturday Night Live” and late-night television have captured much of the comedy zeitgeist during and especially since the election — how are movies supposed to compete? Unlike a daily or weekly television show with a team of writers reacting to that day’s trending story, most movies spend years in development before hitting the big screen. Studios can only hope that the next big idea for what comedy means today is already in the works.

As a professional comedian who's been at this for decades (I'll be in Indy in a couple of weeks, kids!), I can assure you that good comedy does not change that much in a two or three year span. Heck, Will Ferrell has become a very wealthy man playing the same character in every movie for twenty years, are we really going to pretend that he'd have re-worked his shtick if he'd seen the whole Trump thing coming?

Hollywood is lazy right now. Its comedies are tired and predictable. Harold Ramis is dead. There are any legitimate number of reasons that things are tanking, but Donald Trump isn't one of them. Liberals think that just because they've been pinched and bitter (OK, more pinched and more bitter) that everyone has.

I would love to be excited about any upcoming comedy release.

When is the Deadpool sequel happening again?

That's tragic, Paula. On a similar note, at the close of the show "Wicked," which my wife and I saw in London on Monday, the actors pushed for donations to the LGBT group Stonewall, seemingly oblivious to any controversy involved in endorsing such identities. People don't even think that there could be anyone opposed to the movement for any good reason.

Another sign of the contempt businesses now openly display toward Christians:

Sorry Lyft, I don't donate to organizations dedicated to silencing Christians in the public square. There was a time when corporations steered clear of PR stunts that might alienate a large sector of their customer base. No longer. Now they brazenly advertise that they're in bed with the enemies of religious liberty. Rod Dreher was right when he wrote in The Benedict Option that the debate turned a huge corner when Big Business sided with a small minority of LGBT activists in the debate over religious liberty in Indiana. They very publicly signaled they were willing to push back against voters—insisting to their own customers that they knew better —to strong-arm the state into compliance.

Prepare for media melt-down.

Office of Government Ethics Director Walter Shaub Jr. turned in his resignation today. He wrote that "public service is a public trust, requiring employees to place loyalty to the Constitution, the laws, and ethical principles above private gain."


While this does not look great for Trump, it is a rather small matter, and Shaub never explained his reasoning. He has, however, criticized Trump's business arrangements in the past. He has accepted a job with the Campaign Legal Center, a left-leaning election law group which seeks to curb citizens' ability to donate to political causes and sides with Democrats on "voting rights" issues.

This resignation will be overhyped by the Left, but it seems like one more Deep State defection. Shaub headed the government ethics office since Obama appointed him to lead it in 2013.

About 10,000 people greeted Donald Trump in Poland but Raw Story, the ultra-left liberal rag, managed to find a Confederate flag:

President Donald Trump was met Thursday in Poland by cheering crowds bussed in for the occasion, and one of those well-wishers waved a Confederate flag.

Trump praised the Polish spirit after summing up the nation’s horrific experience in World War II as “trouble” and “tough,” as crowds provided by the Polish government cheered and chanted in approval.

A crowd shot broadcast by CNN, as the network awaited the president’s speech, clearly showed one of those Polish crowd members waving a Confederate battle flag.

It’s not clear who the person was or why they were waving the flag, which many Americans associate with slavery, racism and treason.

“Fox & Friends” approvingly noted the enthusiastic response to Trump’s speech, including chants of “USA,” but didn’t note reports that crowd members were instructed to cheer by the Polish government to flatter the U.S. president.

First, this isn't a commie rally where people are forced to cheer or go to jail. Public opinion polls in Poland show Trump's immigration policies are very popular and the president has better approval numbers in Poland than in any other country in Europe except Hungary.

But I want to extend my congratulations to Raw Story for blowing up the CNN screenshot to get a good picture of a Confederate flag. You've scooped the world and I wouldn't be surprised to see that image on major media outlets before the day is out.

What possible connection it has to reality is another question.

For a few more laughs, check out #DCCCStickerIdeas.

Here's that age-old classic.

Stephen Green-I think this puts a nice little bow on Cillizza's lunatic tweet raving:

This is CNN.

Hey, Kruiser -- want to send your last item to Chris before he needs to change his shorts, or after?