Thursday's HOT MIC

Thursday's HOT MIC

A Project Veritas video released just moments ago features CNN CEO Jeff Zucker scurrying past James O'Keefe to avoid giving him a comment about the CNN sting videos.

For more laughs, read Kurt Schlichter's latest post at Townhall about an imagined meeting between Zucker and his employees at CNN:

Now this Scaramucci story was a big problem, and not just because we got caught. As you know, Russia is ratings gold, but if we keep coming up empty we’ll leave our audience as unsatisfied as a woman married to a liberal man,” Zucker explained, using an analogy his audience could relate to. “We just can’t keep reporting shaky Russia stories about billionaires based on single, anonymous sources that turn out to be fake news.”

“So … avoid slandering billionaires? Maybe focus on rodeo clowns and so forth?” suggested Jim Acosta.

“Exactly,” replied Zucker. “Don’t do this kind of thing to people who buy their lawyers in bulk! I’m not saying pick on people who can’t fight back against a giant media company but, you know, try and pick on people who can’t fight back against a giant media company.”

“Yes, Chris, you’ve already told us all about Woofy several times,” sighed Zucker.

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