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LIVE from the Congressional Baseball Game on HOT MIC

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Democrats won. What did you expect? The GOP didn't have Scalise...

But while we were leaving, I got some video of the crowd cheering Anderson Cooper.

Democrats won it 11 to 2 and, in an unexpected bipartisan move, gave their trophy to Rep. Scalise to put in his hospital room. Scalise remains in the hospital tonight in critical condition and, according to a statement tonight from MedStar Washington Hospital Center, will be in there "for some time."



24,959 tickets sold - a record for the Congressional Baseball Game!

And the first Congressional Baseball Game? 1909! I guessed 1964...

Here's the presidents' race!

Dems have a pretty commanding lead now... Bases loaded!

Watch Rand Paul take first!

ICYMI: The first pitch:

And Jared Polis steals second. That's fitting because of what taxation is...

Jared Polis, one of the first openly gay members of Congress who represents my old home in Colorado, is up at bat, and he gets the Dems a run.

In the hallways, my wife and I overheard two fans, chatting about ... the latest bill in Congress! Only at the Congressional Baseball Game.