Comey Hearing Liveblog — Hot Mic Thursday

Comey Hearing Liveblog — Hot Mic Thursday

The always sharp and on point Catherine Herridge reacted to former FBI director James Comey's testimony on Fox News shortly after the Senate Intelligence Committee concluded on Thursday. She made some interesting points.

"I can't remember a time ever where a former FBI director has deliberately leaked the contents of a government document so it would get to a reporter in the hopes that it would prompt a special counsel investigation," she began.

One of the problems for James Comey right now is that in his last public testimony here on Capitol Hill before the Senate Judiciary Committee, right out of the gate in that hearing, he took a series of questions from the Republican Chairman, Chuck Grassley, and Chuck Grassley asked him if he had ever been an anonymous source for reporters about the Hillary Clinton email investigation or the Russia case and James Comey testified no. Then he asked him whether he had ever authorized someone else to be an anonymous source on his behalf, on the Clinton email case and the Russian case, and James Comey said no.

So at the very least, what you can draw here from that testimony is that once he left the office of FBI director, he was not necessarily a person of principle. He made a decision to leak information on an anonymous basis in the hope of really changing the entire focus of the Russia investigation going forward.

You can watch the video at RealClearPolitics.