The Final Debate Drunkblog Before the Voting Begins

The Final Debate Drunkblog Before the Voting Begins

Closing statements time.

You've heard all this before: It's the Reader's Digest version of their stump speeches, and if anything is less interesting than the actual "debate," it's this.

I'll let someone else here at PJ do the complete wrap, so instead, I'll just restate -- ever so briefly -- my theme from tonight's debate.

There's not a single winner on this stage. There's not one candidate showing the gumption it takes to win the White House. And I'd say that even if the White House were currently occupied by a Mitt Romney or a John McCain. They just don't have the fire.

I don't know what my Democrat friends would say, if they were unguarded long enough to give an honest assessment. But I can't imagine they would express much excitement.

Because how can you get excited about a bunch of contenders seemingly content with nothing more than a participation trophy?

And with that: Goodnight. We'll be back in three weeks with live coverage of Iowa.