Who's Stayin' Alive After South Carolina?

Who's Stayin' Alive After South Carolina?

11:11 P.M.

Final Thoughts:

Trump won, as was expected. The travesty is that it seems evangelicals supported him (despite him saying he doesn't  know if he's ever asked God for forgiveness -- and asking God for forgiveness is kind of the key point of Christianity).

Jeb Bush was a better man than many expected him to be, and his concession speech was noble, worthy of his father and brother. If Jeb! could do one thing right, this was it.

Cruz's "victory" speech was not convincing. Rubio beat him (although only by a few hundred votes), and seems to be emerging as the viable establishment candidate. Cruz is still the only candidate who has beaten Trump in the past, but Rubio is likely to earn Bush's supporters, and that will help narrow the gap with The Donald.

The race is fundamentally between Trump, Rubio, and Cruz. Ben Carson should drop out, but he won't. Kasich can rest on his second-place New Hampshire laurels for a while, but he likely won't go anywhere either.

If this crazy primary has proven anything (beyond Trump's zany celebrity), it is that the anti-Citizens United alarmists are dead wrong. Money doesn't buy elections -- Bush had the most money, and he lost the first three races and is gone before March. We don't need campaign finance reform to ensure voters will make the difference because, for good or ill, they already do.