Saturday Night Republican Debate Liveblogging Fever!



Hate handicapping these things, especially since my biases can stand in the way of objective analysis. Overall, the candidates got sucked into the moderator-spawned cage matches too much.

When they weren't quibbling and cross-talking, almost all of them had solid performances, compared with previous outings.

That doesn't include Trump. If he were any other candidate, would be gone after tonight. His "Bush lied, people died" routine was beyond the pale. Despicable.

If the needle moved for anyone tonight, it was Cruz, and perhaps even Bush...though not enough for the latter to make a difference.

Rubio put New Hampshire's gaffe in the past.

Kasich's grandchildren will be proud of their Pop-Pop's last presidential debate ever.

Thank y'all, from here in Texas, for your vigorous participation in the comments.

Trump: We need a very big change, from the politicians who have run up $19 trillion in debt.

"We don't win"...blah, blah. "We're going to start winning," blah blah.

"I'm working for you. I'm not working for anybody else."

Where was the mirror to which he was saying that?

Cruz: "Do you want a proven conservative who will stand and fight with you."

It's not going to be easy to repeal Obamacare, and reform the tax code.

Our country hangs in the balance.

Probably his best close to date.

Rubio: "We're going to re-embrace free enterprise." Life. Marriage. Family.

Nails the dismount to the cheers of the crowd.

Bush: "Who do you want to have sitting behind the big desk in the Oval Office," when the inevitable crisis hits?

He faced eight hurricanes...he's up to the job.

If only Washington D.C. were merely as destructive as a hurricane.


Ben Carson: "Our country is heading off the cliff."

Actually, it's his best debate performance to date, so it's sad that his campaign is heading off the cliff.

Seriously, he rocked that closing statement.

Closing Statements...Whew. I'm cramping.

"I'm going to send a lot of power, money and influence back to where we all live." -- Kasich


Rubio: Reagan inherited something similar to what #45 will inherit.

The American people were scared, but Reagan was able to instill a sense of optimism, and turned this country around.

"This country needs someone like that."

Trump goes into his classic boasting about how he "used the laws of the land" -- which means his casinos went bankrupt. Funny, you don't hear all that many people bragging about their business bankruptcies. Usually, sticking others with your debt is considered shameful.

"Not using profanity is very easy."

Great moments in Trumpian restraint and prudence.