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Live From New Hampshire, It's Saturday Night G.O.P!

Welcome to a Quick & Dirty Edition of the Umpteenth GOP Debate Drunkblog.

We have people coming over for dinner shortly, so no wrap and not much of an intro either. What you do get -- for the low, low price of nothin' -- is the distilled essence of drunkblogging, with none of that highfalutin pithy stuff around it.

Go time is in ten.

Buckle up, buttercups.

I have to cut this short -- company is here, dinner is about to be served, and I just received a text that there's a fine bottle of Cab in serious need of opening.

But despite earlier promises, I'll give you a quick-if-early wrap.

Cruz was Cruz, for good and ill. Trump was at his best tonight, Rubio at his worst. Christie showed he's in the fight, for all the good it will do him. Bush seemed sane, competent, and almost entirely irrelevant. Carson makes you wish we lived in a country where he could be elected president. And Kasich -- jeebus, Kasich. I look forward to his withdrawal announcement Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

And if anything I miss in the last half hours proves any of this wrong, please assume I wrote something else far more pithy and accurate.


I'd missed this.

Happens to all candidates, it's just that Rubio is so obvious and oblivious about it.

It's good to see Republican candidates talking from the heart on drug addiction instead of the old "lock 'em up and let God sort 'em out."

Cruz has got to stop tapping the podium.


Help me out here with the difference.

Dang. Cruz showing his human side. This doesn't happen much -- watch closely.

Jeb! with the shoutout for the 10th Amendment -- wooooo!

Does anyone have any idea what Kasich just said for the last eleventeen minutes?

I'd like to see Trump as SecState if he doesn't win POTUS.

Maybe, yes.


Mmm, pizza and torture.