Republican National Convention — Day Four

Republican National Convention — Day Four

There have been some pretty astounding goings-on in just the past few hours.

"The Young Turks" booth became the scene of a nearly violent confrontation between Cenk Uygur, InfoWars' Alex Jones, and Trump surrogate Roger Stone. Cenk called Stone "the biggest liar in media," and Stone said Cenk didn't "know anything!"

Here's a video.

Here's the full report on it.

Also, in an interview with PJ Media, Iowa Representative Steve King declared that Ted Cruz will be involved in the effort to elect Donald Trump, even though the Texas senator declined to endorse The Donald at the convention.

Here's the video:

King also agreed with Newt Gingrich that Cruz's insistence that Republicans "vote your conscience" was a subtle endorsement of Trump, as he is the only candidate who will defend the Constitution.

King insisted that, had the convention been able to hear all of Cruz's speech, they "would have liked it a lot."