Republican National Convention — Day Four

Republican National Convention — Day Four

A lot has been said about security at the RNC. For the most part I've felt completely safe here, even in the middle of raucous protests on Public Square (see my previous post). However, a couple of things have made me feel uneasy.

First, there are so many police officers from so many different units around the country that it would be difficult to know if someone were impersonating a cop. Someone could easily throw on a police costume and blend in with other law enforcement officials. Someone did point out to me that the cops are traveling in groups everywhere they go, so a faker would at least stand out as a lone wolf I guess.

The second, and a bigger concern for me all week, has been the insane way the Quicken Loans Arena is organized. You practically need a sherpa to find your seat because the numbers for the rows, sections, and levels are not intuitively arranged. Here's what my press pass looks like:


Every time I go into the Q I have to ask half a dozen people how to get to my seat — and then ask some more people how to get to the exit on my way out because the sections are not arranged in logical numerical order. And that's the big problem. If there were an emergency, I'm not at all confident — in fact I have zero confidence — that I could get out of the building in a timely manner. That's a terrifying thought.