Monday's HOT MIC

Monday's HOT MIC

The Fat Midget is now threatening war against these United States. He might want to be careful what he wishes for:

North Korea has vowed to defend itself using a “powerful force of arms” — should the US keep sending ships toward the Korean Peninsula, reports say.

The Hermit Kingdom’s foreign ministry warned early Tuesday local time that it was ready for “war” in the event of further military moves like the one seen Sunday, when a US Navy strike group was sent to the region as a show of force against the communist nation.

North Korean officials, who were quoted by state news agency KCNA, said the act displayed “reckless moves for invading” and was ultimately proof that tensions between President Trump and leader Kim Jong Un had “reached a serious phase,” according to the Agence France-Presse.

“The DPRK is ready to react to any mode of war desired by the US,” a spokesman for North Korea’s foreign ministry said.

And if that mode of war is a sudden, annihilating strike on L'il Kim --possibly including tactical nukes to eradicate their nuclear program that was a gift from the Clinton administration -- so be it.  The North Koreans have this coming since 1950, and now they're going to get it, good and hard.

With the Norks off the table, watch for an instant attitude adjustment in Damascus and Tehran, among other places...