Monday's HOT MIC

Monday's HOT MIC

It's official. Trump is our campaigner in chief. A group called America First Policies is launching a television ad highlighting President Donald Trump's first trip abroad, and putting $400,000 behind it. The 2020 presidential campaign has begun. (Or maybe it's just an attempt to counter all the negative "press" against him.)

From NTK Network:

The ad starts off by touting all the countries that Trump visited during his first foreign trip and shows a montage of images of Trump meeting with foreign leaders.

“A bold vision, uniting forces for good against evil, embarking on a mission to drive out terrorists from every corner of the globe,” the ad’s narrator states.

“Reestablishing American leadership. Strengthening ties with foreign allies. Taking on ISIS. You won’t hear this from the media: President Trump is making us safe again by putting America first,” the ad’s narrator concludes.

Watch the ad here.