Monday's HOT MIC

Monday's HOT MIC

So a guy posts a picture of his 21-year-old daughter modeling lingerie and the interwebs immediately jump down his throat:


What's the fuss? The guy happens to be President Trump's lawyer -- Michael Cohen, who's already had a run-in with the brain-dead media. So naturally, since he works for Dr. Evil, he must be some kind of demented prevert himself. Just ask the Telegraph!

Donald Trump’s personal lawyer has defended posting a lingerie-clad photo of his daughter on Twitter, insisting that the image is an artistic celebration of fatherly pride.

Michael Cohen was labelled “Mr Creepypants” after he shared a black and white modelling shot of his daughter, 21-year-old Samantha, with the words: "So proud of my Ivy League daughter... brains and beauty channeling her Edie Sedgwick".

The image, posted on Sunday, quickly attracted a strong reaction on social media. “Yep, she’s gorgeous, however most fathers don’t share lingerie pics of their daughters on social media, Mr Creepypants,” wrote one Twitter user. “It’s cool to take pride in your daughter, but weird to be posting her underwear photos, honestly,” said another.

Another added: “I guess #Trump must be rubbing off on you," referring to Mr Trump’s frequent comments about his daughter Ivanka’s looks.

I guess we just have to wait this media breakdown out, but sheesh.

Mr Cohen replied: "Beauty and brains you a-hole! It's a modeling shot remake from an old Edie Sedgwick photo. #hater" Mr Cohen, who serves as the president's personal attorney, also called one unimpressed woman "jealous."

Only way to handle these people, really.