Monday's HOT MIC

Monday's HOT MIC


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Actually, I’m betting that it’s “to the dismay” of all Democrats. Mitch McConnell has set up another half-dozen confirmations this week, and says he will keep the Senate in session long enough to fill as many slots as he can by the end of the year. They will have lots and lots of opportunities to vent their dismay, but little chance of doing anything about it.

I've been playing the political game far too long to still hope for a politician who makes me happy most of the time. These days, being good at one or two important things suit me just fine. Every time someone from the "PRINCIPLES!" crowd has a fit because Trump did something crass, I think about getting the courts at least tilting away from being controlled by activist leftist judges who get a thrill when they can become the solo voice of the people. If he keeps packing the courts I can overlook a lot of other things. And I do mean a lot.

Also, Wolf Blitzer looks sadder every day that Trump is still in office, and that's very satisfying to me as well.