Monday's HOT MIC

Here is your HOT MIC for the day.

I feel obsolete already.

MORE ON THE ISRAELI INTELLIGENCE COUP:  It appears the Israelis (one assumes it was the Mossad) were able to extract a HALF TON of documents from a hidden archive in Tehran.  If true, this is intelligence wizardry beyond comprehension.  How were they able to do this?  This will go down in the annals of spying as one of the most amazing coups ever, if not the most amazing.

Israeli PM Netanyahu today accused Iran of breaking the 2015 Iran Deal.

Now the president has the evidence he needs to back out of a deal he never supported.

Via the Security Studies Group, here's what could happen next:

  • President Trump is almost certain to declare an end to the Iran Deal based on these violations and the many fatal flaws in it.
  • The sanctions that were lifted by the deal will go back into effect and we will pressure the Europeans and the UN to join an even tougher set.
  • Or the Mullahs themselves pull out now that they’ve been paid and the charade is exposed.
  • The Israelis will continue to degrade the military threats Iran has given Hezbollah and is putting in Syria to try to deter an expected offensive against Israel from the North.
  • Saudi Arabia will make a renewed effort to finish off the Iranian proxy Houthis in Yemen to eliminate a threat to their country and shipping.

The most important news of the day - or any recent day - just broke:  Bibi Netanyahu has stood in front of the world with tons of evidence that Iran has continued its nuclear program.   What does this mean?  Unless they can disprove Bibi, the Euros will be hard put to preserve the Iran Deal.  Historically, Barack Obama will seem the biggest horse's ass to assume the US presidency.  Is any of this a surprise?