Monday's HOT MIC

Here is your HOT MIC for the day.

Sen. Graham in his element:

True, Graham is frustrating to conservatives more often than not, but he is rock solid when it comes to terrorism. He knows who the enemy is, is not afraid to repeatedly point it out, and has no problem advocating for action against them.

Rough week for the Bush family:


Kanye West is persona non grata on the left now because he endorsed TPUSA's Candace Owens over the weekend and tweeted out some Scott Adams clips this morning.

Notice how these journalists describe Scott Adams as "far right," "Trump supporting,"  "men's right's activist," and "a$$hole" (and yes -- "Trump supporting" is meant to be every bit as pejorative as the rest of the insults) Adams is, in fact, fairly liberal politically. He supports some of Trump's initiatives, opposes others, but is a big fan of the president's ability to use persuasive language. Buzzfeed's  characterization of Adams as a "men's right's activist" is apparently based on a post he wrote in 2011 mocking the men's right's movement. I guess a-hole is in the eye of the beholder. We're all a-holes sometimes.

After speaking to Scott Adams, the Buzzfeed author updated his post and changed the title from "Kanye West Tweeted A Bunch Of Videos By The Trump-Loving Men's Rights Activist Creator Of "Dilbert" to "People Are Worrying That Kanye West Is Getting Radicalized By The Far-Right."

The Sex Ed Sit Out protest is live! Parents are revolting over the revolting sex ed programs foisted on kids by Planned Parenthood. Why do we pay for this?


It's reassuring to know that adults are back in charge of the border: