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Monday's HOT MIC

Here is your HOT MIC for the day.

I lost count of the number of times President Trump called the Mueller investigation a "disgrace" in his comments at the White House tonight, but it was a lot. He is absolutely correct about the ridiculously biased make-up of Mueller's team and gross double standard in how Mueller's team is treating him versus how the FBI treated Hillary Clinton.

"Disgrace" is right:


White House sources tonight are reportedly saying the investigation is "out of control."

According to Fox News' John Roberts, one White House source said: "What in the name of God is Mueller doing?"

There is wide speculation that the raid on Cohen's office makes it much less likely that Pres. Trump will meet with Mueller. Trump was flirting with the idea of submitting to an interview under certain restricted conditions. The chance of that happening now is probably zilch.


Laura Ingraham makes some points about Mueller's raid on Cohen's office:

Former Secret Service agent and CRTV contributor Dan Bongino points out the gross double standard at play in Mueller's raid on Trump's lawyer's office.

So true:

It's War.

The FBI just raided the office of Trump's longtime lawyer Michael Cohen, The New York Times reports.