Monday's HOT MIC

Here is your HOT MIC for the day.


Facebook is a laughingstock.

The image that was deemed too "shocking, sensational and excessively violent" is the one you see above.

I think we already knew that the SJW-infused tech community was hostile toward Christian beliefs. (Just look at how Google treated Easter on its homepage for the 18th year in a row.)

But it's still difficult to comprehend the pathetic, snow-flaky rationale behind Facebook's rejection of Franciscan University's ad. Did someone at Facebook HQ get "triggered" by Jesus on the cross?



This tweet from The Babylon Bee is the perfect companion to Tyler's post about Google ignoring Easter:

Begun, the tech CEO wars have...

Honestly, if all of this leads to some of the Silicon Valley lefties cannibalizing each other it will have all been worth Facebook knowing what color underwear I prefer.

Of course, we will probably end up finding out that they are all as bad as Facebook, and that we've been compromised from every possible online angle.

This is a rather disturbing and detailed read from my friend Bethany Mandel about financial connections between Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam (NOI) and Scientology.

After laying out some well-known and not so well-known reasons why both groups are problematic, Mandel mentions a couple of even more disturbing things that she learned:

The extent of the integration of Scientology into the Nation of Islam is demonstrated by the fact that members of the Nation of Islam are not only practicing the religion of Scientology, they are also becoming Ministers and Ministers-in-Training of the Church of Scientology.


Louis Farrakhan is entitled to personally receive a 10% commission on all money NOI members pay for Scientology auditing and a 15% commission on all money NOI members pay for Scientology courses. I don’t know what Farrakhan’s compensation plan is within the NOI, but with ~40,000+ NOI members, the relationship between the NOI & the Church of Scientology, Farrakhan stands to personally earn an awful lot of cash.

The entire post is worth the read and may leave you even more frustrated about the recent revelations that President Obama and other prominent Democrats have hung around with Farrakhan with impunity.

Karma is hitting some of the Million Brat March kids even quicker than I expected it to:

But remember, they're "changing the world" or something.