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Monday's HOT MIC

Monday's HOT MIC

I'm not done with John Kasich yet. I had completely forgotten about his 1994 vote for the so-called "assault weapon" ban.

Here's Kasich in all his (in)glory:

Downthread I had a bit of a brain cramp and said that Rep. Jim Renacci was running against DeWine in the GOP primary for Ohio governor. For some reason (I blame lack of coffee) it completely slipped my mind that Renacci jumped to the Senate race last month, hoping to take out Sherrod-Brown-Let-Us-Down.* I apologize for the error. Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor is opposing DeWine in the primary. She's desperately trying to rid herself of Kasich's stain, but it probably won't work (for a variety of reasons) so we'll be stuck with DeWine.

*Renacci would be an idiot not to resurrect this circa 2006 Mike DeWine for Senate campaign ad against Sherrod Brown. More than a decade later I still think "Sherrod Brown let us down" every time I hear his name.