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Sports above politics, but before I comment on sports, let me say a word about Rick's post below this from ZeroHedge.  Rick's right that a second counsel would be on Hillary like "white on rice," but that's the least of it.  She lost anyway, despite being criminally corrupt.  The real target of that second investigation will be the real villain who did win twice and started it all -- Barack H. Obama.  His reputation could be utterly destroyed and deservedly so.

Now to sports.  I  admit that I am devoted to tennis above all sports since I have played it since age 6 and still do regularly at age 74.  It keeps me alive and functioning, physically and mentally. So there will be some bias when I say that of the two most incredible human athletic specimens now extant -- Roger Federer (36) and Tom Brady (40) -- Federer is the far more amazing.  This is not just because he has 20 Grand Slams to Brady's 5 Super Bowls.  It is because competition was stiffer - namely Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, probably the two greatest players in the history of the sport other than Federer.  Indeed, Novak currently holds a lifetime head-to-head advantage over both of the other two.  But Federer, five years or more older than his rivals, currently holds the upper hand because Nadal and Djokovic appear to be breaking down physically.  This is not surprising in modern tennis, because it is now a hugely physical game played over an eleven-month season.  Yet Federer endures and seems to be the clear favorite in the Grand Slams going forward this year.  He will probably amass a record that will be untouchable.

And, yes, I thought Brady could have been more gracious in defeat Sunday.  Federer is always the gent. No wonder he does the Rolex ads.

BTW,  according to Sporteology, tennis has one billion fans world wide, American football only 410 million (same as rugby).  Of course, nothing touches soccer at 3.5. billion.

The president is having none of Maverick's back-stabbing nonsense:

John McCain has made it abundantly clear that he would like to expend as much energy as he has screwing over the Republican party and President Trump. The bill to which CNN is referring is "bipartisan" only in the Democrat Media Complex sense of the word: it's everything the Democrats want with a sell-out Republican's name attached to it.

McCain has been awful on immigration for years now. Like all moderate GOP senators, he will move to the right during an election year and rely on the short memories of the voters.

Works every time.

Maverick's squish approach to illegal immigration would be bad if he were representing a northeastern state. That he is the senior senator from the state that deals with the worst of the crime coming in from Mexico makes his actions unconscionable. Both he and Jeff Flake have been giving the finger to their constituents. Flake will soon no longer be a problem. McCain is devoted to being nothing but.

The rot runs deep at Newsweek.

According to a readout from the press gaggle aboard Air Force One, White House lawyers have greenlighted a second special counsel.

Zero Hedge:

While speaking to reported aboard Air Force 1, Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah said that President Trump's attorneys have already approved the idea of appointing a second special counsel to investigate the FBI and Justice Department's actions during the 2016 presidential campaign, according to White House pool reports.

FISA warrant should it be released? and what about a second special counsel?*


Presidents attorneys have addressed this and said yes to a second special counsel.

FISA: That document along with any other that the House Intelligence Committee chooses to vote out of its committee through its process and all the House procedures, we would entertain like anything else.

Republicans have been threatening for months to get the president or AG Sessions to appoint a special counsel to investigate Democrats and the FBI. If Sessions pulls the trigger, expect Washington to explode.

Given what we know about how special counsels work -- how far afield their investigations roam -- I would think it would be extremely likely that a second special counsel wouldn't stop at FBI and DoJ malfeasance. He'd be on Hillary Clinton like white on rice.

We'd be faced with the prospect of two special counsels investigating both candidates for president.

Is this a great country, or what?