Monday's HOT MIC

Here is today's HOT MIC.

This is going to come as a major shock, but it turns out Rep. Schiff was being slightly misleading in his comments to reporters about the vote to release the memo, earlier. The GOP didn't vote down the release of the Dem counter-memo in quite the way he suggested.

Indeed. What a slippery, slimy sleaze.


I'm not sure why I'm feeling so apocalyptic - I'm usually one of those who believes it's never as bad or good as you think it is - but I suspect with the release of the memo America is at a true inflection point.  Subversion of the FBI and our intelligence agencies for partisan political purposes is so much worse than Watergate it's barely comparable.  So we must hold our breaths?  Will truth and justice prevail?  As with Watergate, will the dam break on the other side?  It's hard to find a truly honest person among them.  Most wouldn't even go read the memo itself - obviously out of fear of what was in it. We shall see, but I suspect there's going to be blood on the tracks all over the place.  Thank God for Devin Nunes. He is the hero of our times.


It's happening.


It appears that there are problems throughout sports other than gymnastics at the university. Ed has a rather involved summary of the even more involved report at Hot Air.