Monday's HOT MIC

Monday's HOT MIC

Dems prove they were to blame.

Slate's headline says it all:

Why Democrats Caved

Here's a sample:

Looking at the smiles and backslapping among these Democrats, one couldn’t help but wonder: Do they have the faintest idea how pissed off the Democratic base is?

Democrats were not able to secure an immigration deal through the three-day shutdown, only a commitment to a future process that could produce such legislation. They also were not able to secure any commitment that House Republicans would take up the fruits of their labor. And yet cloture was invoked easily, 81 to 18, with only 16 of 49 Democrats voting nay.

The rage from activists was swift and unsparing. ...

This shutdown was always going to be decided by the “blame game,” as annoying as that is to say. As each side made their arguments in recent days, Republicans had the more straightforward one—Democrats were responsible for the shutdown because they filibustered a funding bill in order to secure something else. A DACA fix is popular; shutting down the government over one is much less so, especially in many of the states Senate Democrats are trying to hold in November. The polling was beginning to gravitate in Republicans’ favor.

I don't often quote Slate, but this last paragraph was right on the money. Here's how Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer's own grandstanding attack on Republicans — trying to use the "Founding Fathers" against the Right — actually proved he was to blame for the shutdown.

The government will say open through February 8. As that deadline looms, expect another shutdown. Here's how another shutdown would affect you and your family.