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Out of the closet.

Dan Rather launching weekly show with progressive outlet The Young Turks Network.

The details:

On Monday, Rather will premiere "The News With Dan Rather," a 30-minute show that The Young Turks Network is billing as an "untraditional evening newscast," made available weekly at 5:30 p.m. ET. The program will focus on original reporting, stories that Rather believes are not receiving the amount of attention they deserve, and analysis of the hot topics of the day.

"The format is designed to allow me to focus on substance," Rather said, stressing that his show "will be raw" with "no bells and whistles."

"The set is literally my office," he emphasized.

His jump to the provocative progressive outlet, which distributes its programming on politics and pop culture through digital platforms like Facebook and YouTube, is a bit out of step with the rest of his storied career, Rather acknowledged. For decades, Rather hosted the "CBS Evening News," a newscast filmed in a traditional elaborate studio, produced with the help of a large team, and backed by the finances of a well-established network. And there, Rather aimed to provide viewers the news of the day without bias or favor. Now he's joining an outlet with a clear ideological bent.

"At this age and stage in my life, my attitude is, 'What the hell,'" Rather said.

The only substantial difference between this and any of Rather's other public gigs is that this time, he won't even make a pretense of objectivity.

The leaders of the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors are resigning amid the Dr. Nassar sexual assault scandal:

At Nassar's sentencing hearing, last week, at least 80 victims testified that he sexually assaulted them and more reportedly continue to come forward.

Both USA Gymnastics and the U.S. Olympic Committee have a lot to answer for in allowing this monster unfettered access to these young girls when they were away from home. You can read my post about this God-awful story here.


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