Monday's HOT MIC

Here is your HOT MIC for today.

The thing is, you're not supposed to believe it. No one is -- not in any meaningful sense.

Maybe I'm just getting paranoid, but today's limp excuse is so lame that it almost seems as though there must be something more sinister going on here than simply failing to comply with a congressional investigation.

What the FBI is doing is demonstrating its political power -- baring its fangs, if you will -- by showing in the most obviously unbelievable way that it will do what it please. The FBI wants the people who count to understand that the Bureau cannot and will not be held accountable.

Now I'm not actually comparing anyone at the FBI with Joseph Stalin, who made prisons out of entire nations and killed millions of civilians. But he did know a thing or two about high-level propaganda.

When Stalin wanted to make someone an unperson, he literally purged them from the history books. The results weren't always convincing, but they didn't need to be. Because the real message was to the survivors: You too can be erased, comrade.

I get that kind of vibe, albeit on a much less murderous scale, from today's FBI. The FBI didn't come up with a lame excuse because that's all they could come up with. They came up with a lame excuse because they think that's all they need.

And unless Congress steps up, they'll be right.

The leaders of the USA Gymnastics Board of Directors are resigning amid the Dr. Nassar sexual assault scandal:

At Nassar's sentencing hearing, last week, at least 80 victims testified that he sexually assaulted them and more reportedly continue to come forward.

Both USA Gymnastics and the U.S. Olympic Committee have a lot to answer for in allowing this monster unfettered access to these young girls when they were away from home. You can read my post about this God-awful story here.


That sums it up.

C'est fini.

This is just -- I'm sorry -- I have no words: