Monday's HOT MIC

Monday's HOT MIC

Global warming a civil rights issue? Yes, says the NAACP (with a straight face).

Daily Caller:

This Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the NAACP wants man-made global warming to be seen as a civil rights issue, arguing King’s vision of a society free of racial injustice can’t be achieved without addressing warming.

“We see climate change as a civil rights issue,” Jacqueline Patterson, head of the NAACP’s environmental and climate justice program, said in an online radio spotfor the Yale Center for Environmental Connection.

Environmental activists have been increasingly framing global warming as a matter of “environmental justice,” since “minority and low-income populations are disproportionately affected by global warming,” Patterson told Yale’s online radio Climate Connections.

Traditionally, such concerns focused on traditional pollutants from factories or vehicles, but the NAACP is expanding it to carbon dioxide, which scientists blame for warming the Earth in recent decades.

The environmental movement has fretted in recent years that it’s not diverse enough, and groups, like, have tried to draw parallels between global warming and alleged police brutality that sparked riots in Ferguson, Mo., in 2014.

It is impossible to respond intelligently to this gibberish. But you are not supposed to respond to it -- intelligently or otherwise. You are supposed to sit down, shut up, and embrace the madness.

“Carbon pollution standards are an issue of justice,” former EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy told activists in a teleconference call in 2014. “If we want to protect communities of color, we need to protect them from climate change.”

I would ask what about protecting the rest of us too, but that would be racist and I won't do it.

"Environmental justice" is just another shake down operation, digging into the deep pockets of big corporations to fund useless schemes that don't alleviate racism or poverty. It has nothing to do with the environment and trying to make it a "justice" issue is a joke.