Monday's HOT MIC

Monday's HOT MIC

Oh...more of this nonsense:

David Harsanyi has a great post at The Federalist today about this wearisome tactic of the Democrats'.

Whenever the rare threat of a passable Republican bill emerges, we learn from Democrats that thousands, or perhaps millions, of lives are at stake. Once it passes, we learn that America is over. Taxes? Health care? Bogus international treaties? Internet regulations that were only instituted last year? It really doesn’t matter. These days, the rhetoric is always apocalyptic and always bellicose.

How did so many liberals convince themselves that tax reform (a rare cut that is, according to sometime-reliable Washington Post factcheckers, only the eighth largest in history) signals the implosion of American life? Everyone tends to dramatize the consequences of policy for effect, of course, but a Democratic Party drifting towards Bernie-ism is far more likely to perceive cuts in taxation as limiting state control and thus an attack on all decency and morality. Taxation is the finest tool of redistribution, so it’s understandable.

One could maybe even argue that the party is firmly in the throes of Bernie-ism rather than merely drifting towards it. It's a great point though.

The state is sacred to progressives. When one advocates for reducing its near-omnipotence, one is assaulting the religion of progressives. They go from zero-to-hyperbole really fast after that.

More from Harsanyi:

There is a parallel explanation for the hysterics. With failure comes frustration, and frustration ratchets up the panic-stricken rhetoric. It’s no longer enough to hang nefarious personal motivations on your political opponents — although it certainly can’t hurt! — you have to corrupt language and ideas to imbue your ham-fisted arguments with some kind of basic plausibility.

Liberal columnists, for example, will earnestly argue that Republicans, who at this moment control the Senate, the House of Representatives, and White House thanks to our free and fair elections, are acting undemocratically when passing bills. As you know, democracy means raising taxes on the rich. Just ask all the folks who told us democracy died over the weekend.

The "Republicans are going to kill children and/or old people!" counter attack is by no means something new for the Democrats. They've been doing this with frequency for decades. They just used to employ it a bit more judiciously.

The real problem isn't that they keep doing it, it's that so few Republicans are adept at pointing out that they were wrong after the fact. Collegial back-patting after a legislative victory is all well and good, but making sure your enemy stays down after the defeat is better.