Monday's HOT MIC

Monday's HOT MIC

Students at the University of Wisconsin, Madison told Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) that Muslim performance artists should have the freedom to opt out of serving people for religious reasons, but Christians shouldn't.

Hypocrisy: Wisc. Students Say Muslims Can Opt Out of Business, But Not Christians


Wisconsin college students had two very different responses to a similar question.

ADF also asked students what should happen if a church approached a Muslim singer for an Easter service. Students unanimously said that such a singer has a right to "opt out" of that arrangement. "That seems like such an unusual circumstance that they would want them ... like a Christian church would force a Muslim singer to sing at their church if they didn't want to," one young woman said. Students agreed that no law should force someone to serve another person against their religious convictions.

But when asked if a Christian has the right to opt out of serving a same-sex wedding, the students hesitated.

"Everyone agreed that a creative professional should have the foundational freedom to decline work that conflicts with their conscience and beliefs. But, when faced with a situation that conflicts with current cultural expectations — like a Christian photographer declining to promote a same-sex wedding — the gears start grinding," the ADF spokesman explained.

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