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Monday's HOT MIC

Here is today's HOT MIC.

UK Catholic leaders: Doctors struggle "to combine professional work with personal conviction" on abortion.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols, president of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales, and Archbishop Philip Tartaglia, president of the Scottish Bishops' Conference, released a joint statement on the 50th anniversary of the Abortion Act 1967, which legalized abortions in Britain. Here are a few nuggets from Christian Today:

They also lambast an 'erosion of respect' for those who oppose abortion, saying doctors and nurses 'face increasing difficulty in being able to combine their dedicated professional work with their personal conviction'.

Pointing to recent cases where doctors and pharmacists feel they cannot refuse to offer abortion services, the senior bishops write: 'So much talent is being lost to important professional areas. Personal conscience is inviolable and no-one should be forced to act against their properly formed conscience in these matters. This is something which needs greater debate in our society.' ...

'Even despite the concerns raised at the time, it would, perhaps, have been difficult to predict that the number of abortions in our countries would have increased to such an alarming level,' they write, pointing to figures suggesting nearly 200,000 pregnancies were terminated in the UK in 2015 alone.

They launch an attack on disability laws in the UK, which allow abortions to take place up until birth if the baby has a deformity but ban terminations beyond the 24th week of pregnancy for babies without a disability.

Doctors and nurses should be able to hold to their personal convictions about abortion without having to sacrifice their professional success. The pro-abortion culture is driving many Catholics and other Christians away from medical fields, fearful they might have to toe the party line.

The story isn't quite this bad in the United States, but this story should highlight the struggles of following conscience in the secular age. The struggle is particularly hard surrounding issues like being forced to celebrate same-sex weddings or approve transgender identity. There needs to be room for disagreement on these issues in a civil society.

This is the kind of thing that makes people turn to the dark side.

Um...not exactly:

It's not the party that has changed so much (although it has changed some), it's Flake.

Flake was a strong conservative when he was in the House. When he got to the Senate, he decided to be John McCain's "Mini-Me" and has borne little, if any, resemblance to his former self. My many conservative and/or Republican friends back in my native state are completely mystified as to what happened to Flake during his first (and probably only) Senate term.

None of them are voting for him in the primary.

Arizona isn't in the mood for politicians who are soft on border issues, especially if they're Republicans. Flake's liberal DACA talking points aren't welcome back in the Grand Canyon State. He, of course, doesn't care. As McCain's protege in every way, he's only in it so The New York Times will pat him on the head and tell him he's a good boy.

McCain gets away with it for the same reason every under-performing long-tenured Senator does. He's been there so long he can keep a goody pipeline coming back to his state with just enough favors to keep business people and the Chamber of Commerce in his camp. Even that is wearing thin with Arizona voters.

Flake has no such gift-bringing cachet to provide cover after just one term. He's thoroughly loathed by every center-right person I know in Arizona, and I know a lot of them.

Still, I wouldn't count him out. Maverick will certainly help out with his considerable financial connections in the state, and voters can get lazy.

Every once in a while, the MSM gets something right:

More from NBC News:

Gwyneth Paltrow's wellness obsession has become one of the more reliable punchlines in Hollywood, but she may very well have the last laugh. The actress-turned-wellness-guru is now known as much for her acting as for her scientifically dubious lifestyle brand, Goop.In 2016, the company raised tens of millions of dollars in venture capital, all despite unrelenting mockery in the press. The marketing for some products is so ridiculous I sometimes wonder if Goop is really just a form of clever satire aimed at the dangers of pseudoscience. (If this is true, mission accomplished.)

But assuming this isn’t performance art, the increasing popularity of companies like Goop is a cause for legitimate concern. Despite the best efforts of journalists and doctors, the debunkers are not winning the wellness war. Indeed, there is evidence that the trustpeople place in traditional sources of science is eroding.

Naturally, I blame the Democrats.

Were it not for decades of the Dems ascribing importance to every political thought regurgitation of the celebrity class, people like Paltrow wouldn't be in the position to become authorities on other topics they know nothing about. Jimmy Kimmel spent a couple of weeks repeating lines that were spoon-fed to him by Chuck Schumer's staff and liberals everywhere swooned and looked to him as a health care policy guru.

When you turn the none-too-bright celebrity "experts" loose in other areas of expertise you end up with Jenny McCarthy bringing back measles because she's convinced other stupid people that vaccinations cause autism.

So, yeah, this is all on the Democrats.

I'm not one of those "Western Medicine or Nothing" types either. I've just known some seriously out there people who are full of "wellness" info after one trip to the Canyon Ranch website.

Get your kids vaccinated and please urge Gwyneth Paltrow to start going out on auditions again.

Give the dog a break -- the fireplace probably smelled like tree.

Whatever, Macron gets big credit in my ledger for having a rescue dog.