Monday's HOT MIC

Breaking News on the Las Vegas Massacre...

Okay, I'm starting to suspect there's a little bit more to this than a guy just suddenly snapping ...

It is being reported that the girlfriend of the Las Vegas gunman is currently overseas.

The Reno Gazette-Journal has also interviewed friends of Marilou Danley, 62, who said Danley is out of the country.

This is interesting because it was widely reported this morning that Danley was in police custody:


USC shooter false alarm.

Tom Petty:

Why isn't this young guy wearing a shirt? Listen and find out.




Happening now.

Well, this is certainly interesting.

Via the Sacramento Bee:

He had a pilots license, and had previously worked for global defense and aeronautics company Lockheed Martin in the 1980s.

“Stephen Paddock worked for a predecessor company of Lockheed Martin from 1985 until 1988,” the company said in a statement. "We're cooperating with authorities to answer questions they may have about Mr. Paddock and his time with the company.”

Paddock’s father, Patrick Benjamin Paddock, was a bank robber who landed on the FBI most-wanted list in 1969. The wanted notice described the elder Paddock as “psychopathic” with suicidal tendencies. He had used firearms to rob banks and was considered armed and dangerous.


Regarding Michael's comment about trusting the FBI, I hate to say it, but I completely agree with him.  The FBI is not to be trusted.  This country is at a bizarre moment in the midst of a hugely bizarre event.

So who knows if ISIS is lying about this?  If they're not, it is added fodder for something I have been thinking for a long time. There is something endemic to Islam that it attracts crazies.  That is at the root of the so-called "lone wolf" phenomenon that Patrick Poole so correctly disparages.  These people are not "lone wolves."  They are sociopaths and psychopaths who cathect, in psychoanalytic terms, to an attractive (to them) ideology.  Islam justifies violence, misogyny, etc.

The gun control advocates from Bernie-Hillary downwards who come out of the woods at moments like this are crazy in another way, desperate for a solution to evil that only creates more evil.  I'd rather be in a crowd of country music fans (some of whom are carrying) any day than a crowd of limo-progressive nudniks when the firing starts.  Who wouldn't?

As a sideline, the market is up again today.  Talk about undeterred!


Okay, I can sympathize with the urge to get copy out for every news story. But I'm already seeing articles explaining the Vegas shooting, so I just want to remind people:

  • We don't know a hell of a lot about the shooter yet.
  • Of what we know or think we know, a very large proportion is going to be wrong.

Keep that in mind.