Monday's HOT MIC

Monday's HOT MIC

Meet Antifa!

I already covered this one (briefly) at Instapundit this morning, but figured Hot Mic readers would appreciate a look at the mugshots of Portland's Lame Seven. They showed up at a peaceful protest wearing what appear to be gloves straight out of Rollerball (not the awesome original with James Caan, but the unwatchable remake with the so-not-macho Chris Klein) and armed with bats and a steel baton with some sort of nasty hook on the end of it.

Included in the arrests was "18-year-old Thomas 'Sarah' Wallace arrested on charges of Assault on a Police Officer (two counts) and Harassment," which doesn't sound at all ladylike.

Prior to the arrests, Portland Police tweeted a warning to "leave now" if you are a peaceful protestor," because "if not, you are subject to arrest." This is because Antifa had "become violent and criminal in nature."

And to that I ask: Become?

Anybody who shows up padded, armed, and ready to smash skulls is a violent criminal. Period.