Monday's HOT MIC

Monday's HOT MIC


Democrats are in search of new leaders to take on Donald Trump, and Rep. Joe Kennedy [grandson of RFK] could fit the bill. But it's not clear he wants the job.

In short order, Kennedy has garnered a loyal grass-roots following with a series of viral speeches challenging the president on everything from health care to hate speech, leading some Democrats to believe he could help fill the party’s leadership vacuum.


“Somewhere down the road, if a Senate seat were to open, yeah, it’s something I’d certainly take a look at,” Kennedy said in an interview in his Capitol Hill office. “But that’s got to be right in time for me and my family.”

In interviews with more than two dozen lawmakers, staffers, consultants, advocates and others who know Kennedy, all said they see him one day as the state’s next senator and maybe even president. And those who have tracked the Kennedys for years say he is this generation’s best chance of returning the family to its glory days as a political dynasty.