Monday's HOT MIC

Monday's HOT MIC

And now a little nightcap...

Fox News reports that people were putting sunscreen on their eyes during the eclipse.

A health professional in California reported cases where eclipse-viewers sought medical treatment because they put sunscreen on their eyeballs to view last week’s solar eclipse. reported that these individuals applied the sunscreen because they did not have the NASA-approved eyewear.

“One of my colleagues at moonlight here stated yesterday that they had patients presenting at their clinic that put sunscreen on their eyeball, and presented that they were having pain and they were referred to an ophthalmologist,” Trish Patterson, a nurse at Prestige Urgent Care in Redding, Calif., said.

The Sun also reported that doctors in Virginia have reported patients complaining of applying sunscreen to their eyes.

This will probably move into the Top 100 on my very lengthy list of reasons that I don't want to pay for the health care of strangers. Ever.

These are the kinds of people who tend to go into government work these days. One of them will probably end up being our HISTORIC FIRST blind president.