Monday's HOT MIC

Monday's HOT MIC

Author/journalist/blogger Jack Cashill continues his great work at The Sentinel covering the left and correcting false media narratives in Kansas and Missouri.

In a recent piece we learn that MU (aka Mizzou), even in the wake of dwindling enrollment and alumni support, is launching a goofy new SJW "healing" program.

Having established itself as the national poster child for campus dysfunction, the University of Missouri seems intent on preserving that distinction with its launch of a racially exclusionary program called “Healing From Racial Injustices.”

Healing from Racial Injustices describes itself as “a group for students, staff, and faculty of color to build community, share experiences as a person of color at a Predominately White Institution, and heal together.” The language reads like a parody, but it is apparently a real program with sponsors such as the Department of Black Studies, the College of Education, the Department of Psychological Sciences, the Division of Inclusion, Diversity and Inequity, and the Department of Educational, School, & Counseling Psychology. Your Missouri tax dollars at work!

One purpose of the group is to “process race-related macro and micro aggressions.” These aggressions must be more micro than macro as the group meets just one hour a week, on Friday from 2-3 p.m., pizza provided.

In an interesting aside, Cashill notes that there is just one comment on the group's Facebook page:

It features a photo of a group of chimpanzees under the heading “micro aggression session.” It was allegedly posted by a fellow named Peter Di Gaudio.

Well, that racist comment would certainly seem to prove the group's point about "macro and micro aggressions.”

But a deep dive into Di Gaudio's Facebook page finds him to be a Hillary supporter who hates Donald Trump. Hmmmm!

A Hillary Clinton supporter, he comments over a photo of Donald Trump, “If you are supporting Trump now, chances are you would have supported Hitler in Germany in the 1930s.” In another post, Di Gaudio links his love with his hate, “Do me a favor: if you support Donald Trump, unfriend me now. I cannot tolerate that level of stupid. I pull things out of the cats’ litterboxes smarter than Trump supporters.”


Stranger still, when one clicks the link to Di Gaudio it goes directly to The Bridge, another related MU program whose mission is “Connecting Our Shared Humanity” and which is actively promoting the Healing from Racial Injustices program.

Could this be an example of a fake micro-aggression? (Not that these types of comments actually need to be faked. Unfortunately, it has become distressingly commonplace for racist losers to stink up comment sections.)

The Sentinel vows to get to the bottom of it.