Monday's Apoc-Eclipse Liveblog

Monday's Apoc-Eclipse Liveblog

Some useful information here from the New York Post's account of what was supposed to happen in Barcelona -- the seventh-century beards wanted to destroy Gaudi's famous Sagrada Familia cathedral, for starters -- but luckily didn;t because these people are too stupid to build a flush toilet or even a freaking sidewalk.

The Barcelona terrorists had planned to turn a majestic Spanish cathedral frequented by tourists into a scene of blood and carnage — but they were forced to abandon that strategy when their bombs accidentally detonated inside their hideout.

The famous Sagrada Familia cathedral — designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi — was “Plan A” for the terror cell’s devastating attack, according to Spanish media.

Those plans, however, were thwarted when one of the cell’s bomb factories 120 miles south of Barcelona burst into rubble Wednesday evening, leaving behind 120 gas canisters carrying butane and a volatile powder known as “Mother of Satan.”

The 12-person cell — believed responsible for 14 deaths across Spain — had originally planned to drive three explosive-packed vans into a number of tourist hot spots, including the cathedral.

Given the nature of the moon-god cult that calls itself Islam, the name of the explosive seems appropriate.

The terrorists’ plans were foiled when the finicky explosives eviscerated the Alcanar house that the group had been using to make bombs. The cell was then forced to resort to Thursday’s van attack in the tourist area known as Las Ramblas, as well as the knifing in the seaside town of Cambrils early Friday.

It was also revealed Sunday that the sharpshooting Spanish cop who singlehandedly took down the four terrorists who descended on Cambrils mere hours after the Barcelona van slaughter was not scheduled to be on duty.

Give that man a medal.