Monday's Apoc-Eclipse Liveblog

Monday's Apoc-Eclipse Liveblog

Return of the Weather Underground?

Via the Houston Chronical:

Andrew Schneck, 25, who was released from probation early last year after being convicted in 2015 of storing explosives, was charged in a criminal complaint filed in federal court, Acting U.S. Attorney Abe Martinez said in a statement Monday.

Schneck was arrested Saturday night after a Houston park ranger spotted him kneeling in bushes in front of the Dowling monument in the park, Martinez said.

Schneck was holding two small boxes that included duct tape and wires.

When confronted Saturday night in the park, he tried to drink some of the liquid explosives but spit it out, officials said.

Federal authorities said one of the tubes contained nitgroglycerin and hexamethylene triperoxide diamine, HMTD, a "highly explosive compound" used as a primary explosive. Nitroclycerin, in its purest form, is a contact explosive.

"ln its undiluted form, [nitroglycerin] is one of the world's most powerful explosives," according to the statement.


Satterwhite said "significant hazardous materials" were found at [the suspect's parents' home], but didn't say what type they were.

"It's a lot," he said. "There's a significant amount of material in them ... Some very hazardous materials were found."

Law enforcement agents are planning controlled detonations of the materials, Satterwhite said. He added a utility company cut off gas service before the blasts, which will likely happen Monday afternoon.