Monday's HOT MIC

Monday's HOT MIC

But of course.

Jill Soloway calls SNL’s Pat character “anti-trans propaganda.”

There might not be any conservatives or libertarians producing, writing, or starring on SNL. You might not watch even any clips from SNL. But you can still be certain that this is somehow your fault.

During a panel about transgender representation on TV during the Television Critics Association press tour, Transparent creator Jill Soloway noted that Julia Sweeney’s long-running Saturday Night Live character Pat was an “awful piece of anti-trans propaganda that was handed out for years.” For those who missed SNL in the early ‘90s, Pat was an androgynous character who would get into weird situations that—for whatever reason—revolved around other people trying to figure out if Pat was a man or woman.

Soloway says that people didn’t recognize it at the time, but looking back, she thinks Pat was “a hateful thing to do.” She goes on to call out “the idea of pointing at a person and laughing because they were non-binary” as particularly bad, especially since that’s really the whole joke with Pat. Other panelists, like Danger And Eggs creator Shadi Petosky, singled out Buffalo Bill from Silence Of The Lambs as being damaging because of the way the film makes his desire to be a woman just as bad as the murders.

Orange Is The New Black’s Laverne Cox also pointed out that creators in general need to “do better” because there are a lot of stories about trans people “that are still not being told.”

Let's take a deep breath, and then take a moment, and then another deep breath before we consider Soloway's complaint -- which is about a long-abandoned character played by a long-gone cast member from a time when SNL's comedic efforts were... mixed.

On second thought, let's not do any of that. To do so might only encourage Soloway in her effort to expunge even the Clinton (Bill) Era of doubleplusungood wrongthink.