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Monday's HOT MIC

Monday's HOT MIC

Michael, sorry but I agree with Paula on this one.  The toothpaste is WAY out of the tube.  Amazon is an amazing service and vastly more convenient than going to the store for most things with a far bigger selection than a hundred malls, as I'm sure you know.

Nevertheless, it is a huge problem.  Again, as I'm sure you know, that problem is that Amazon is only the tip of the proverbial ice berg as far as jobs are concerned.  We're all being phased out by technology.  That includes (ahem) novelists and similar pretentious creative types.  Did you see the ""modern paintings" now created by AI?  (I know, I know, "modern"art... but still.  Oh, computer, paint me a Vermeer - and off you go.)

Of course, no politician is going anywhere near this subject (mass unemployment) because the proverbial can of worms is endless.  Is there a solution?  Do you want the minimum basic income?  Like it or not, it may be inevitable.

Amazon is like "the bomb."  You have to learn to love it.  (And I detest/envy Bezos as much as the next man.  Wouldn't you like to own the WaPo as a loss-leading hobby that costs you perhaps .00002% of your income?)