Monday's HOT MIC

Monday's HOT MIC

The Home Run Derby commentators are terrible

You're going to want to gouge your eardrums out with the shards of splintered baseball bats after listening to five minutes of commentary on tonight's Home Run Derby on ESPN. Here's what you'll hear if you turn it on right now:

"Oh my goodness!!!!" "Wow!" "Look at that!" "Oh my goodness!" "Wow!" "Oh my goodness!" "Wow!" "Oh. My. Goodness!!!" "Wooooowww!!"

I am not kidding. This thing is unwatchable. I'm not the only one who's noticed:

They also inexplicably lapsed into Spanish for five minutes, which made us think the dog had rolled over onto the remote and switched us to the Spanish station. It took us a few minutes of flipping around to realize that ESPN was doing this intentionally!

There's also the issue of a girl who's never played a single inning of Major Leauge Baseball in her life being a commentator for the Derby:

Jessica Mendoza, who is described on Wikipedia as a "former softball player and current broadcaster," just said (I am not kidding), "He's more hands. He's not huffing and puffing." What does that even mean?

The worst part of this gabfest? It's nearly impossible to follow what's happening on the field. Please tell me this is not some attempt to attract the female demographic. If so, make it stop and give us baseball back.

This about sums it up: