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Monday's HOT MIC

Monday's HOT MIC

Thousands of Scots sign up for "Uber for escorts" sex delivery app.

Thousands of people in Scotland have signed up for a sex delivery app called "Rendevu." From Scotland's Daily Record:

Thousands of randy Scots have signed up to a new sex delivery app, dubbed as "Uber for escorts".

Online platform Rendevu has been downloaded by over 2,000 people since launching in Scotland last month and allows users to order hook-ups at the click of a button.

But the creators of the app have been slammed by concerned politicians, including SNP MSP Sandra White who described it as a "takeaway menu".

She told the Scottish Sun : “It’s quite worrying; it’s like a takeaway menu.

“You just get the app, then phone it up and get to take away an escort. ...

The platform allows escorts and and erotic masseurs to organise their pricing, availability and services while clients can view the name and profile of service providers, costs and estimated arrival times.

You really can get anything on the Internet. At least for now...